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My name is Rachel. I am the creator of Bush Photography and Brea Portraits. 



Why do you have two photography businesses? 

I started Bush Photography in 2014 and over the years it has consistently had a bright and airy quality to it. However, after graduating from college, I wanted to explore new editing styles. So instead of changing the way Bush Photography looked, I created Brea Portraits.


Can you describe the two different styles? 

Bush Photography is a film-emulated style that is timeless and classically beautiful. The colors are based on Natura 1600 film, which gives way to light, clean, warm tones. Brea Portraits, on the other hand, is a modern classic with rich, earthy tones that feel romantic and cinematic. 


How do I know which style is best for me? 

I personally love both styles and understand the struggle! To me, Bush Photography is more of a black tie and ballroom style while Brea Portraits embodies more of a grey suit and garden feel. If you love the look of natural golden tones, go with Bush Photography. But if you love the boho vibe, definitely go with Brea Portraits.

Can I pick both styles?

I ask that you pick one style. While it may be tempting to want photos from each style, it’s important to me that your whole gallery is a cohesive work of art.

Explore both styles!

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